Compulsive ice eating which is also described as the habit of chewing ice is actually not a habit but a serious problem with the human body. In this illness a person feels addicted to eat or chew raw ice either when he is stressed or depressed or in regular routine just like smoking or drinking. Although it’s not that serious as the smoking or drinking but chewing ice has some bad affects on the body and health. There are number of causes for a person to chew ice but the most common reason is the deficiency of iron in the human body which forces a person to chew ice cubes or eat crushed ice. As this habit is spreading in more people like 1 out of 10, physicians had to come up with a proper name to this illness as it needs to be solved and eliminated. Enroll in a 2019 medicare advantage plan to plan for the new year.

Common causes and symptoms of CIE:

It’s not an uncommon theory that every addiction has its damages to the person or the people around him no matter if its smoking, drinking, seeing television or eating paper or junk food all day long. Excessive use of anything can damage your body or some parts of it as smoking causes throat cancer, alcohol causes lung cancer and eating ice causes damages to the teeth and the enamel on them. This is like the most often damage that this illness does to the human body and people who have a long history or chewing ice, complain about having pain or cavities in the teeth or not being able to eat hot or cold stuff like tea or ice cream. As it’s described above that the main reason of this illness is the deficiency of iron in the human body and iron is the element that makes our bones and muscles strong so it needs to be well taken care of.

A person who is suffering from compulsive ice eating is either having inner problems in the body or mentally not stable. One, who wants to live a happy and healthy life, needs to be satisfied both by the work he does and the family he supports. But problems occur when someone is feeling stressed due to the burden of work in the office or having some personal problem in the home and in order to release this stress and depression, he eats ice. Many of the persons who are suffering with this illness describe that they feel relieved and satisfied every time they eat or chew some ice. This way they forget their problems for a while and this feeling forces them to keep on chewing the ice whenever they are feeling bad or unsatisfied.

The common disadvantages of compulsive ice eating are:

  • It damages the teeth enamel which is the protective layer on the teeth and it protects them from cavities or number of other defaults.
  • People usually suffer from pain in the teeth as they drink something cold after eating or drinking something hot. This happens as we drink cold water or beverage while having a meal or as we chew ice while we are taking tea or drinking coffee.
  • People suffer from teeth sensitivity as they keep on eating ice for a long time.
  • The most common reason of chewing ice is due to iron deficiency so it needs to be checked by a professional.