Why Nails in Older People Become Hard?

Why Nails in Older People Become Hard?

Often there is such an age change, like hard toenails in the elderly. It hurts when walking and looks ugly. It becomes difficult to cut the nails in older age. Causes of nail thickening:

wearing unsuitable size shoes;

lack of personal hygiene feet;

bruises, fractures, cuts of fingers;

unprofessional pedicure session;


allergic manifestations;

fungal lesions, psoriasis;

hormonal changes and failure in the endocrine system;

cardiovascular diseases;

diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, liver;

adverse drug reactions;

lack of vitamins, poor nutrition;

living in areas with poor ecology;

frequent nervous breakdowns, stressful situations.

The big toe is deformed more often. Hard thickenings are much challenging to cut. To treat them, it is necessary to soften the toenails of the elderly. Foot changes in shape for various reasons in elderly. Rubbing and blistering causes thickening of the nail plate. Weakened immunity might even promote fungal infection.

The root cause can be considered a decrease in motor activity. Salts begin to build up in the joints. Further, the foot gradually deforms. As a result – thickened, rough and hard nail plate is formed on the legs of an elderly person. The nails of old people exfoliate, grow coarse, become dull, the color changes to unnatural. Sometimes with age, genetic factors are more pronounced. Before you cut your toenails, you need to apply a softener. How to soften the nails in the elderly?

Essential oils:

If you have an ingrown nail, be sure to be careful in regards to what you apply. Do not use essential oils in their pure form, as they can severely burn the skin. For therapeutic purposes, make up the composition of rosemary, juniper, lavender, ylang-ylang, or use them separately. Steaming oil can also be added (three drops per two liters of warm water). Ointment, lotion solution or cream can also prove equally effective if you add a few drops of them.


Make a decoction: Take 1.5 liters of hot water and four tablespoons of celandine and boil the solution for five minutes. Cool to a warm state and hold the legs for 15 minutes.

Steaming trays: The most effective and easiest way is to warm the legs in a basin with hot water. Constantly performing the procedure improves the appearance of the legs and relieves pain. After softening, you can cut the nails easily. There are many safe methods of steaming without side effects. About Supplemental Medicare policies: Popularly recognized as Medicare supplement plans, they pay for co-pay, co-insurance as well as deductible.