Why Walking is the Best Workout for Seniors?

Why Walking is the Best Workout for Seniors?

Walking is necessary to maintain a normal weight, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and the spine. Regular walking will help you maintain joint mobility, relieve stress and conquer insomnia. It is difficult to overlook the benefits of walking. It helps improve brain functioning (memory, concentration), and increases blood circulation during physical activity that’s done in the fresh air. Walking also has a positive effect on the working of all organs of your body and at the same time is accessible to almost anyone, since it does not require special skills and equipment. Just put on practical clothes and comfortable shoes.

Walking helps to lower cholesterol in the blood, strengthen blood vessels and normalize cardiac activity. Hiking in the fresh air has a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive system, contribute to the outflow of bile, eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. They increase immunity, increase metabolism, slow down the aging process of tissues, increase endurance. Slow walking is suitable for seniors who’re undergoing rehabilitation after an injury: 60–70 steps per minute, 3000 steps per day. The rest, depending on the state of health, can increase the load both in volume (number of steps per day) and in intensity (number of steps per minute).


Thomas Jefferson, the third US president who presented his invention to the world 200 years ago, is considered the creator of the pedometer. The Jefferson apparatus included a lever and a magnet. The lever was set in motion by the hand of the one walking. Then came the devices, whose work was based on other principles, in particular, on the movement of the load of the pendulum, which began to move the machine with an arrow. Since they are so easy to use, pedometers have become quite popular among seniors these days. Below you’ll find some important things in regards to the same.

Pedometer for Seniors: Things to Note


With the device, you should always feel comfortable.

Mounting location. The device should be mounted where it will not disturb you. For example, some manufacturers produce pedometers for the elderly at hand. With such devices, it is convenient to go for a walk, but it is not very comfortable to wash dishes. Therefore, determine in advance how and when you will use your pedometer. Price. Last but not the least. Price will, of course, depend largely on your financial capabilities. However, for your day to day activities, you will most likely be fine with a regular one that does not include any complex features which you do not require. Medicare supplement plans: Elderly above the age of 65 who’s a US citizen can check out Medigap plans that could go parallel to their present Medicare plan. This way, they can greatly minimize their out of pocket medical expenses.